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Onwards, to the Minneapolis Club!

Treasure Hunting has been absolutely enthralling … it’s fascinating how far we’ve come; the mere click of a mouse and a few keystrokes can access information almost instantly.

Through the power of the internet I have discovered many hidden secrets and have “met” many helpful people along the way. Email, forums and blogs have been instrumental in gathering information.

My treasure hunt has led me to a fabulous find, something not of my own – but lovely all the same.

Through recollection, both my Uncle Tom and Aunt Cath remembered  their dad (Stanley) explaining having to work part-time after the stock market crash; in order to pay tuition for himself and his brother to remain in school.

“Minneapolis Club” and “Millionaire’s Club” were a few of the names tossed around… we’re unsure of which club he was employed with, nonetheless a posh club was indeed his place of employment.

Apparently, he used to do his homework on the bus, work an eight hour shift at the club, return home and then return back to school the next day.

After googling, “Minneapolis Club” I discovered the most beautiful building; ivy covered, leaded glass windows, a stone archway with rot iron fencing around the perimeter of the building… *gasp*.

The Minneapolis Club

The Minneapolis Club, courtesy of The Minneapolis Club Facebook Page

With help from google maps, I plotted out directions from the Minneapolis Club to DeLaSalle High school… about a 7 minute trip, a fairly reasonable time for Stanley to travel!

Immediately I emailed the Club, hoping for some direction on who to contact to find out any employee information from the late 1920s. With luck, I had the pleasure of conversing with Margaret. Although she informed me of the limited resources available, she was extremely kind and helpful. Her suggestion to contact the Minnesota Historical Society was brilliant, but her consideration went above and beyond.

In her possession were a few photographs of club staff, (possibly turn of the century to mid-1920’s), which she graciously scanned so I could take a peek and see if Grandpa happened to appear.

Minneapolis Club Staff

Minneapolis Club Staff, Courtesy of the Minneapolis Club

Although he wasn’t in the photographs, they are beautiful.

Minneapolis Club Staff

Minneapolis Club Staff, Courtesy of the Minneapolis Club

They Illustrate a different time, and entirely remind me of Downton Abbey.

Downton Abbey, courtesy of PBS

Downton Abbey, courtesy of PBS

Minneapolis Club Staff, Courtesy of the Minneapolis Club

Minneapolis Club Staff, Courtesy of the Minneapolis Club

Thank you Margaret for providing me with a glimpse into the Club’s past and for your wonderful assistance. Perhaps my continued hunt will confirm my suspicions of Stanley’s employment at the beautiful Minneapolis Club.

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