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Looking for a one of a kind gift? something sentimental and thoughtful? look no further | Alex Inspired

Hi Friends!

Sorry for my month long hiatus. Sometimes life just gets in the way, am I right!?  I have been pretty busy – wedding season is upon me, and I have been busy designing. Thanks for all the emails and messages checking in; I’m sorry I haven’t responded to all of you.

Speaking of weddings and gifts, I hope this next post inspires you! I love making gifts for people – whether Bridal Shower, Birthday or otherwise, I love to create something perfect- a Nostalgic Gift if you will. Lately I have become a bit more experimental with gift ideas that are much more personal and familial, seems like most are enjoying the outcome.

I’ve decided to share a few of my ideas in hopes it inspires you to try something new! (sorry in advance for my semi-crappy-ass pictures. These are from my phone.)

Nostalgic Birthday:

While mulling around last year, I found a suitcase filled with stacks of letters and cards. One letter jumped out to me in particular, it was a letter from my Grandpa Stan to my Nana. He was in Winnipeg visiting family, with little Tom (my Uncle).

Nostalgic Presents |Grandpa Stan letter to Glenna Printed on a Canvas as a Birthday Present

The Letter goes like this:

Dear Girls: Am writing this while Tom Sleeps – he’s a bit tired, had a lovely day yesterday. Now at 7 a.m., the temp is 61 degrees and going to 80.

Had lots of fun, an early breakfast – just the two of us as my brother left for work quite early – as usual Tom had a big bowl of Alphabits – a banana and two glasses of milk. Then we went out to your sister Valerie’s for lunch. We stayed about two hours, then went to Polo Park Shopping Centre. We spent a good deal of time in wondering around looking in the windows and seeing all the fancy foods on display. Some how or other Tom doesn’t care much for pastry or heavy meals – he did enjoy a ride he took on the helicopter as he had a five minute ride for a quarter – and now he can fly!

Took the bus to Assiniboine Park + stayed nearly four hours there – looked at all the animals + birds – most of whom were sleeping, due to the heat. Had several snacks, and Tom had a ride on the Pony. Went back later for another ride, but the Pony was still too tired, so he had to skip it. Came downtown + went to Eaton’s for dinner – tried the fifth floor cafeteria – tom wasn’t having any of that – so ate in the Grill Room, a good dinner.

Shirley and Wilf were over for a a few minutes, last night we were invited to dinner tonite – but this a.m. Tom is going to the bowling alley to learn how to bowl – then later we are going to a show & also do some shopping for some nice shoes – kind Catherine would like.

So for now – Love to all, Stan + Tom

I thought this letter was hilarious, and gave an account of a great time in Winnipeg – this was a literary time capsule if I ever did see. I had the idea to scan the letter, and turn it into a Canvas, which would make an amazing birthday present for my Uncle Tom. I think he liked it… he also explained the drawing on the top was of him bowling… not walking a dog. lol

Sentimental Shower Present:

My cousin Julie recently tied the knot, and my mum and I racked our brains trying to think of a special shower present for her.  I think mum came up with the idea of recipes – and then it kind of exploded from there. We decided on “Babcia Recipes”; one from each of her Babcia’s –  Janiec and Franków.

Babcia Recipes - print perfect and framed - Bridal Shower Present

Together with helpers (Ciocia Mary + Ciocia Krys) I scanned two recipes and picked two photos to go along with the design. I had them printed at Rainbow Printers on white Linen, and framed them in plain black frames I found at Michaels. The nice thing, now that these designs are done, I have a great template to work from! I ended up making a Nana recipe canvas for my cousin Cathy that we mailed to her in Calgary.

I’ve made a few others, one was a super cool photo I found of my Grandpa’s Tennis picture I found in a yearbook from the Hennepin County Library Archives and created a Birthday Canvas for my Aunt Cathy.

Nostalgic Gift Ideas | Alex Inspired

The sky’s the limit when it comes to fun and creative gifts. Some ideas I’ve mulled over include; sections of the Henderson’s Directories, Military Documents, children’s artwork and portions of Birthday Cards from the past.

Now, you’re probably wondering where I get most of these things printed?

My go to is usually local – Rainbow Printers. They can do up canvases and beautiful prints. If you’re looking for something a bit more affordable (canvas wise) and have some time to wait – was my go to, but recently they have been charging me in USD, and their quality control has been lacking. This makes me a not so happy Camper.

I recently found a new company called I was skeptical because the prices are ridiculously low, and was worried the quality would suffer. However, I was pleasantly surprised – and will continue to order from this site.

Canvases aren’t only great as gifts, I’ve created some of my own personal Halloween Art, click here to view the post.

Have any ideas for the perfect nostalgic gift? leave a comment below 🙂

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    You are so creative and thoughtful 🙂 Love it!

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      Aw thank you Christie!! xo

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