Paulina & Jordan

Paulina & Jordan - Custom Wedding Favour Logo for treat bags

Paulina and I go way back, to our Pole Dancing days.

Yes, such sweet, darling little Polish Dancers we were.

What were you thinking?

Paulina emailed me and asked if I could do some wedding stationery (Menu/Toast Card/Thank You Monogram Sticker (above)) for their beautiful October Wedding.

Paulina and Jordan were married in Radom, Poland, located south of Warszawa.

Cue Żono Moja! 

Theses designs incorporated a blend of English and Polish text. Fonts can be tricky when combining languages and this was my biggest challenge.

Like French, Polish letters have various accents, e.g; the kreska (like the ó in Franków), the tail – gonek (like the ę in dziękujemy).

To maintain consistency, we needed a font that would be versatile in both Polish and English. Goudy Old Style worked particularly well for both English and Polish. However, this font does not bode well in small caps for Polish text.

Fonts Used:

Body Copy: QuickPen
Script: Goudy Old Style
Thank You Monogram: Bentham (Small Caps)

Here’s a look of their custom pieces:

Paulina & Jordan - Wedding Menu Design - Custom design for their Polish Wedding

Paulina & Jordan - Custom Wedding Menus and Toast Cards

Paulina & Jordan Daniel Kwaśniewski Fotografia
Na zdrowie to the beautiful Couple!

Photo Credit:
Daniel Kwaśniewski Fotografia 

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