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Vingage American Passport Applications | Alex Inspired

I stumbled upon a treasure trove of Passport Applications from So many Passport Application Particulars!

Sadly, all of these applications are American – apparently the Government of Canada didn’t keep copies of passport applications or passports issued to individuals. Only a few samples are held at Library and Archives Canada… boourns!

Anyway, good news to anyone who may have relatives who lived or immigrated to the United States. These applications are chalked full of information – almost alarmingly detailed, and they’re free too!

Some interesting things I’ve discovered while searching through these applications:

  • They offer a magnitude of information, things you’d never get away with today
  • Crappy photos with the majority of the person’s face was an acceptable method of identification
  • Multiple family members could share one passport. Some include family portraits as photo identification

Knowing that a large majority of Goldens lived in the States, I searched the archive. My results were a bit intense… I actually got overwhelmed and decided to stop.

Instead, I decided it would be fun to look up some of my friend’s last names and see what I could find. The bulk of these applications are mainly from Italian and Irish applicants.

Let’s begin, shall we!

Galati, Josephine:

Passport application dated: 1924
Born at: Johnsonburg Pennsylvainia
Purpose of Obtaining Passport: To visit family in Italy

Passport Application Particulars | American Passport Application Images: Josephine Galati

Age: 13
Stature: 5 feet
Forehead: medium height
Eyes: Brown
Nose: small, straight
Mouth: small, firm
Chin: small, round
Hair: black
Complexion: olive
Face: oval
Distinguishing Marks: none

Garofalo, Harry

Passport application dated: 1921
Born at: New York City, New York
Occupation: Merchant
Purpose of Obtaining Passport: Commercial Business in England, France and Czechoslovakia

Passport Application Particulars | American Passport Application Images: Harry Garofalo
Age: 35
Stature: 5 feet 3 inches
Forehead: low
Eyes: Brown
Nose: broad
Mouth: medium
Chin: round
Hair: black
Complexion: medium
Face: oval
Distinguishing Marks: none

De Sando, Nicola

Passport application dated: 1923
Born at: Catanzaro Italy
Occupation: Shoemaker
Purpose of Obtaining Passport: To Visit Friends in Italy

Passport Application Particulars | American Passport Application Images: Nicola Desando
Age: 35
Stature: 5 feet
Forehead: high
Eyes: brown
Nose: straight
Mouth: straight
Chin: oval
Hair: brown-bald
Complexion: dark
Face: oval
Distinguishing Marks: none

Foglia, Giusto

Passport application dated: 1923
Born at: Trimountain Michigan
Occupation: Student
Purpose of Obtaining Passport: Temporary residence in France and Italy

Passport Application Particulars | American Passport Application Images: Giusto Foglia
Age: 17
Stature: 5 feet 7 inches
Forehead: medium
Eyes: brown
Nose: regular
Mouth: medium
Chin: round
Hair: brown
Complexion: ruddy
Face: long
Distinguishing Marks: none

Nigro, Antonia:

Passport application dated: 1919
Born at: Tufo, Italy
Occupation: Housewife
Purpose of Obtaining Passport: Poor Health, returning to family in Italy with her children.

Passport Application Particulars | American Passport Application Images: Antonia Nigro

Age: 26
Stature: 5 feet 6 inches
Forehead: high
Eyes: brown
Nose: straight
Mouth: small
Chin: round
Hair: brown
Complexion: dark
Face: oval
Distinguishing Marks: none

Pretty neat, huh?

I think this is an impressive resource; most passport applications also include parent names and where and when they were born, along with sponsor information and how they know the applicant.

If you’re looking for some nitty gritty information, this is the place to start. Personally, I’m still giggling at poor Nicola – Hair: “brown-bald”  lol.




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