Mmm… Mimosas!

Mmm...Mimosas! Champagne and Orange Sherbet |Alex Inspired

Mmm… Mimosas!

Who doesn’t love Mimosas!?  It’s a socially acceptable way to celebrate breakfast.

Anyway, I found a cool recipe on Pinterest… although I wouldn’t really call it a “recipe”. Two components and nothing to burn can’t constitute as being a recipe…can it?

Unlike the majority of my Pinterest recipe fails efforts, this one worked! And it’s delicious!

Yummy Mimosa recipe using Orange Sherbet, Mmm...Mimosas! | Alex Inspired

What you need:

  • Champagne (Martini Asti is the Champagne of choice – Thanks Carrie for getting us hooked!)
  • Orange Sherbet

The Perfect Mimosa, Orange Sherbet, Martini Asti champagne and a perfect stemmed glass | Alex Inspired


  • Open champagne and test for quality assurance
  • Open Orange Sherbet and also test for quality assurance…

Once both ingredients have met your satisfaction, place one scoop of sherbet in pretty stemmed glass and add bubbly as necessary.

The Pinterest recipe gave a nice little tidbit… if you have extra champagne you can add a raisin to the bottle to keep it carbonated.

I found this info fascinating. Who has extra champagne?

Yummy Mimosa recipe using Orange Sherbet | Alex Inspired

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