Logo Design – Lovely Body

Logo Design - Lovely Body | Alex Inspired

Ok, I have been addicted to Lovely Body since… forever!

I started looking for alternative products after I stumbled upon an app called “think dirty”.

This app is pretty cool, you can scan any item while out shopping, and it will tell you what it contains. This was a huge wakeup call when I realized many of my favourite products were chalked full of carcinogens (yes, this included Body Shop and Lush Products).

Logo Design - Lovely Body | Alex Inspired

I decided I needed a change, and that’s when I discovered Sarah was brewing up some amazing stuff!

Sarah is the BOMB! No, seriously she is. She creates all sorts of magical soaps, scrubs and lotions. And the best part is, everything is natural!  I started binge shopping on her Etsy store – which was so much fun because I would simply go by her descriptions of some of the scents she was whipping up.

Eventually she told me she was opening a storefront (woo hoo!) and she needed a logo! CUE ME!

Logo Design - Lovely Body | Alex Inspired

The best part in working was Sarah is she knew what she liked and we ran with it!

Her vision included her signature font topped with a little pizazz! Her decal was installed by Sam from Rainbow Printers, and her logo can be found on her business cards and merchandise.

Logo Design - Lovely Body | Alex Inspired

You need to go now and checkout all of her amazing products! I promise you will not be disappointed, because remember: Every Body is Lovely!

Thanks Sarah, for everything! xoxo

ps. All of the product photos are Sarah’s.

Here are my most favourite, favourite items:

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