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I am not a Genealogist!

I am however, a family history enthusiast. Genealogy has become one of my favourite past-times within the last ten years. It’s pretty unreal to see the changes and developments in technology… the access alone to thousands of records and newspapers is unbelievable.

I’ve been dabbling with both sides of the family’s history. I have found success with several websites (most of them being American, with American records), and some of them have finally been accessible – the Polish Archives for example.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for stories or assistance on the following:

  • Canadian Genealogy
  • Irish Genealogy
  • American Genealogy
  • Polish Genealogy

If you’re looking for something funny to read, I recommend, “Hand me the Sargon, I’m out of Vodka and Metamucil” – which is about my Great-Grandmamma Golden, and her P.T. Barnum type endorsement for Sargon.

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