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Easy Front Door Decor!

Looking for an easy way to switch up the look of your humble abode?!
Make it seasonal and fun, with my easy front door decor!

This year, I went to Micheal’s with my friend Heather, we found some red hydrangeas with a hint of glitter and a few orange sunflowers with beaded middles! Yay!

DIY door decor (Alex Inspired) What you need: A door magnet, faux florals and a hanging wall basket

What you’ll need:

  •  a magnet (I bought mine at Michaels specifically for a steel door) or a hook for a wooden door
  •  a wall hanging basket (so the back is flat)
  •  some faux florals

What to do:

  • Position your magnet on the door where you’d like your arrangement to hang
  • Fill basket and arrange prettily with faux florals
  • Hang basket

Front door Decor (Alex Inspired) Hang magnet from door, add florals to basket, arrange and hang on magnet

  • Stand back and admire your creative genius.

DIY Door Decor - Florals in basket hanging on door

  • Wait for the next season, and arrange again accordingly.

Here are a few examples of my seasonal door decor creations! Have fun, mix it up. For Canada Day, I added a few flags. Valentines day, Glittery hearts!

Spring, summer, fall & winter door decor hangings (Alex Inspired)

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