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    Polish Resources

    Here are a few of my go-to sites for Polish related genealogy/history resources. WWI + WWII Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego / The Warsaw Rising Museum A tribute to those who fought and died for independent…

  • Ready to kick-start your genealogy hunt? Here are 10 questions to ask your grandparents to start you on your journey | site: Alex Inspiried – picture of her grandparents.

    10 Questions to Ask your Grandparents

    Here are 10 questions to ask your grandparents 10 questions to help plant the seed to grow your voluptuous family tree. Researching my families’ genealogy has been a rough road. Some days I want to toss in…

  • A oto nowa para, Państwo Szopowie | The newly established Szopa Couple
    Snap Shots

    Tomek i Ewelina – Wedding

    My good friend Roman Augustyn has graciously translated this blog post; he really is my Polish language guru, and I am so thankful! You can check out his site here. Mój bardzo dobry przyjaciel,…

  • My Traditional Polish Easter Basket for Święconka! Celebrating Easter with Alex Inspired

    Święconka – Happy Easter!

    Święconka means: “the blessing of the Easter baskets”. It is a Polish Easter tradition which takes place on Holy Saturday. Baskets are filled with goods to be shared on Easter Sunday. This tradition dates all…