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  • Image of "Boo-tiful" books for 2023

    Boo-tiful Books 2023

    It’s that time of year again! Halloween is upon us, and many of us have special trick-or-treaters visiting! If you’re looking for a treat that isn’t candy related, look no further – because books…

  • boo-tiful reads for halloween!

    Boo-tiful Books for Littles

    Halloween is upon us and we are gearing up for trick-or-treaters! This is a fun fact, but I love books! (I guess it would be weird if I didn’t as an English Major…) Undoubtedly…

  • A Jazz Inspired Halloween Playlist

    A Jazz Inspired Halloween Playlist

    Music always makes us happier, or puts us in a festive mood … let’s start to get jovial with A Jazz Inspired Halloween Playlist… Listen to my Jazz Inspired Halloween Playlist on Spotify! I LOVE…